We have three lines of business, these are Export , Develop & Import and Develop & Export. Our functions are total sales & purchase, finance, consulting and M&A in the total process management.

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We export Japanese greengrocery to Asian countries. In neighboring Asian countries, the wealthy and middle class have been growing with the expansion of the economy. Japanese vegetables and fruits are popular among them, but currently they are too expensive and have problems with freshness. We negotiate with Japanese farmers and importers overseas to bring in intensive management of production, logistics and marketing in order to deliver fresh Japanese greengrocery.

Develop & Import

In 2011 the amount of imported greengrocery was 5.6 trillion JPY and export was only 200 billion JPY. Import is necessary for Japan but Japanese consumer confidence in food quality and safety has not been totally secured. We cooperate with Japanese and overseas farmers and import products made by Japanese farmers overseas. We deliver fresh products which clear Japan`s standard in terms of quality and security to Japanese consumers.

Develop & Export

We export products from overseas not only to Japan but to neighboring countries. This is the advanced step of Develop & Import. We will start in five years in accordance with the progress of TPP.